Zebra LP 2742 will not print after replacing a roll

So all you did was just change the roll and now it wont print.  This is more common than you think.  Nine out of ten times this is because the labels are loaded improperly or you may have the wrong label type.  There are two label types:

  • Direct thermal (no ribbon required)
  • Thermal transfer ( uses a ribbon)
The two types look identical to the eye, but the Direct thermal labels are coated with a heat activated thermal layer.  The thermal transfer labels are not and require the use of a ribbon to print.  I have had hundreds of people over the years try to use thermal transfer labels in a direct thermal printer.  Guess what ?  Nothing happens print wise, nada, nothing,  zilch.  Why ?  Because if the printer is direct thermal,  and the labels are not they will never print.

The most common occurrence for having the wrong labels is someone ordered the less expensive version (thermal transfer)  thinking they saved money.  If your having this issue let us help you correct it for free.  Get a free sample today, including free shipping and determine if you may have acquired the wrong labels.