Reset Zebra printer to factory defaults

Loading Factory Default settings will restore the printers configuration settings to the original 'out of box' factory settings. Loading the factory default settings can be performed if the printer is not functioning properly and all the routine adjustments, settings, and troubleshooting have been attempted without success. After defaulting it may be necessary to reconfigure some of the settings for your specific application. This may be as simple as sending a label or print job from your application.


Loading Factory Defaults

  1. Prior to loading the factory default settings it is recommended to print a Cancel Test configuration label to reference just in case some of the settings will need to be referenced or re-entered after a default is performed. Depending on the printer symptoms it may not print a current configuration label. Read More>>
  2. Perform the factory default procedure 
    - Load the Media and Ribbon (if used) 
    - Power on the printer 
    - Hold down the FEED Button and when it completes the four (4) Flash Sequence release it. 
    - The printer will calibrate the media and then come to printer ready.(Solid Green)